8th Webinar Leveraging Passive Filters to minimize Life Cycle Cost

19th May, 2016 (Thursday) - The non-linear loads are ever increasing in today's electrical and electronics equipment, resulting in an increased proliferation of harmonics, a significant Power Quality (PQ) issue in power systems. According to some industry experts, non-linear loads are approaching 75% - 90% of the loading on our nation's electricity grid.

7th Webinar How to calculate Electric Losses due to poor PQ?

27th November, 2015 (Thursday) - In our increasingly digital economy, maintaining power quality is a growing problem. In more than one sense for many business/industrial users, the cost of poor PQ could be higher than their electricity bill. PQ issues are still largely underestimated, mainly because the losses are often hidden or not known.

6th Webinar Measurement and Verification of Power Quality in Utilities

24th September, 2015 (Thursday) - Power quality (PQ) in the low voltage (LV) and Medium Voltage (MV) network and end-user premises, especially industries, is largely not measured and, unscientifically, is not well understood. Specific Measurement and Verification (M&V) typically takes place only after end-user complaints have been laid or severe abnormalities noticed.

5th Webinar Reactive Power Compensation in Harmonics rich environment

28th July, 2015 (Tuesday) - Harmonics, one of the rising PQ issues, in utility and industrial networks have an increasing trend all over the world. This is clearly due to today's growing complexity and the use of power electronic equipment such as monitoring devices, variable speed drives, converters, logic controllers, etc. that leads to distortion of electrical waveforms in the network.

4th Webinar Innovations In PQ Interventions

21st May, 2015 (Thursday) - Power Quality, one of the major issues in electricity distribution segment, is becoming increasingly important for electricity consumers at all levels of usage. The deterioration of power quality levels; proliferation of more sensitive loads, and the increase in processes based on power electronics in recent years have been attracting growing concerns on power quality issues.

3rd Webinar Incorporating Power Quality (PQ) Performance Parameters In Distribution Regulation

10th December, 2014 (Wednesday) - With reforms and much needed infrastructure investments going in India Power value chain Generation, Transmission and Distribution, the paradigm is gradually shifting from Availability of power to Quality of power. The rise in sensitive electronic device usage in all phases of life has further increased the demand for high power quality.

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