4th Webinar Innovations In PQ Interventions

Webinar Date: 21-05-2015
Webinar Time: All day

Power quality issues originate from utility as well as from end-customer; hence the solutions/mitigation should be adopted by both of them. Poor quality of power supply causes disruption to an end-customer’s process and equipment, leading to a loss of revenues. Conversely, a customer’s usage also affects the supply quality back into the electricity network. It is, therefore, important that to improve power quality; a systematic approach is adopted engaging all stakeholders.

Power Quality intervention techniques can be conventional, contemporary or hybrid (combination of first two) depending upon each stakeholders and their requirement. Some of the conventional intervention techniques like Voltage Regulator, On-line Voltage stabilizer, K-rated transformer, Zig-Zag Transformer, Passive Filter etc. can be implemented at optimum cost, if properly planned during designing phase to ensure good PQ environment. The availability of different power electronic and mechanical based mitigation devices as well as customized solutions provide a range of equipment that satisfies user requirements both technically and economically.

While there are conventional techniques/methods in place for PQ mitigation, this webinar attempts to focus on some of the key innovative technologies for PQ intervention and their benefits accrued to the concerned stakeholders. This webinar will focus on following points: 

1.Innovative technologies in PQ mitigation and their viability for high end-users
2. Suggestive measures for policy level improvement/changes for faster adoption of innovative PQ techniques

This webinar brings speakers from Policy Research and PQ Technological fraternity to share their point of views on above issues.


Mr. S.B. Mahajani

Amtech Electronics (India) Ltd., Dy. Gen. Manager

Mr. Amit Raje

Aartech Solonics Limited, Managing Director

Webinar Video

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