6th Webinar Measurement and Verification of Power Quality in Utilities

Webinar Date: 24-09-2015
Webinar Time: All Day

Power quality (PQ) in the low voltage (LV) and Medium Voltage (MV) network and end-user premises, especially industries, is largely not measured and, unscientifically, is not well understood. Specific Measurement and Verification (M&V) typically takes place only after end-user complaints have been laid or severe abnormalities noticed. Hence, power quality M&V at each end is necessary to understand the actual PQ event and causes of power quality problems and to design effective countermeasures. It’s a classic business adage that you can’t manage what you haven’t measured, and that principle certainly holds true for power quality.

Power Quality measurement is still quite an embryonic market in India and most countries. Considering measurement of distortion in Voltage or Current waveform or distorted PF, many of utility metering is based only on displacement power factor and not true power factor. So lack of understanding constraints proactive steps to contain harmonic generation at user level. Different PQ instruments use the same definitions, and measurement techniques, for various power quality parameters.

The development of smart meters or more broadly advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) holds a range of benefits for multiple facets of the electricity industry beyond the simple revenue metering role of traditional electro-mechanical meters. It has been recognized by many, including parties involved in metering activities within the industry, as well as other stakeholders, that in the future networks, the AMI will play a bigger role in PQ monitoring than it plays today.

This webinar focus was on M&V of power quality in Utilities, the current status and trend for future. It will bring speakers from Meter Manufacturer, Utility fraternity to share point of views on above issues.


Mr. Suhas Dhapre

Tata Power Ltd., Head – Transmission Planning and Performance Cell

Mr. Sanjiv K. Dhal

Secure Meters Limited, Sales and Marketing M&C

Webinar Video

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