Solutions for Non-linear loads of a weld shop: A case study from an automobile industry


A weld shop forms a larger component of non?linear load in any large sized modern automobile industry. There will be variety of weld machines such as spot weld, arc weld, seam weld, resistance and are used for assembly line activities at main body shop, shell body shop, side member shop, under body shop etc. The impact due to simultaneous use of these weld machines on the plant power network can be assessed through plant PQ study. Further, when utility tariff has a built–in incentive scheme for maintaining a unity power factor at main receiving point, it becomes more important to improve the power factor while dealing with highly unbalanced, unpredictable, harmonics generating load at weld shops. As explained in this case study, it is necessary to work towards appropriate solutions to deal with not only maintaining the unity P.F. throughout the day but also dealing the harmonics generated at weld shops, as conventional capacitors based reactive compensation alone will not meet the requirements of such type of non?linear loads.



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