7th Webinar How to calculate Electric Losses due to poor PQ?

Webinar Date: 27-11-2015
Webinar Time: All Day

In our increasingly digital economy, maintaining power quality is a growing problem. In more than one sense for many business/industrial users, the cost of poor PQ could be higher than their electricity bill. PQ issues are still largely underestimated, mainly because the losses are often hidden or not known. With the growth in the use of power electronic equipment, it influences power quality further in two ways:

1. Power electronics, built-in computer power supplies, energy saving lamps, motor driven systems with variable speed control are generating first, harmonic disturbances. Due to the prevalence of these systems, nearly all-electric grids nowadays suffer from harmonic currents. They result in additional heat losses and premature equipment failure.

2. Second, the very loads that disturb the system are themselves increasingly sensitive to PQ disturbances. And when electronic equipment suffers from voltage dips and outages, it can result in lost production, damaged equipment, idle personnel, and lost data. 

Singly or combined, these effects can lead to postponed revenue, a negative impact on cash flow, loss of goodwill from customers, and even loss of market share. Very few industrial sites are trouble free, and most suffer from several PQ issues at once.

These days even the most advanced distribution systems are not able to provide electrical energy with the desired level of reliability for the proper functioning of the loads in modern society. Even with a 99.99% level, there is an equivalent interruption time of 52 minutes per year. The most demanding processes in the modern digital economy need electrical energy with 99.9999999% availability to function properly. The optimal solution needs to be tailored to the characteristics of the site. This includes the quality of the local voltage supply, the type of loads installed, and the sensitivity of the equipment to disturbances.

This webinar brings speakers from expert academicians and industry practitioners to share their on above theme.


Dr. Bhim Singh

Department of Electrical Engg., IIT – Delhi, CEA Chair Professor

Mr. Frank Healy

Fluke Corporation, Global Product Marketing Manager – PQ

Webinar Video

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