1st Webinar Business Case For Power Quality Investments By Indian Power Distribution Utilities

Webinar Date: 12-06-2014
Webinar Time: All day

Loss reduction, one of the foremost Business performance metrics, drives the overall viability of a distribution utility. The problem gets aggravated when the two loss components, Technical and Commercial are treated independently (Technical losses as Capex intensive and Commercial losses as Opex intensive). One binding theme that brings these two areas together is ‘Power Quality (PQ)’ and establishes the strong interrelation across the supply chain.​ The webinar saw discussion on potential Techno-economical PQ solutions for the distribution utilities for a long term benefit, covering various technological advancements on PQ equipment and its management in conventional and non-conventional grid.


Mr. Panna Lal Biswas


, AVP from ABB has over 21+ years of experience. He heads complete range of PQ products at the company.

Dr. Samsul Ekram

Global Research and Development Centres, AGM

from CGL has over 20+ years of experience. He has over 23 papers published and presented, awarded 1 Indian patent and filed 19 more in the area of PQ.

Webinar Video

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