kVAh Billing - Understanding the Benefits

13th August, 2021 (Friday) - This webinar will throw light on the 4 key issues which could be driving your energy bills higher due to poor Power Quality

19th Webinar - India's Electric Mobility Ambitions - Can Power Quality issues lead to flat tyres?

30th October, 2020 (Friday) - India's speed of adopting Electric Vehicles can be defined but with only one word ambitious. As per FAME II, out of the total corpus amounting to 8595 Cr, Rs 3,545 crore ($500 million) or about 41% is allocated to subsidise the purchase of 5,595 buses for various state transport undertakings (STUs).

18th Webinar - kVAh Billing - the 4 things you must know to optimize energy bills

30th July, 2020(Thursday) - After implementation of the kVAh tariff structure by MSEDCL in April 2020, several Companies in Maharashtra have experienced relatively higher billing amounts, as compared to the past. For many companies the calculation of kVAh based tariff structure and their internal calculations are in a mismatch.

17th Webinar - Regulatory and Policy Landscape around PQ for more resilient grid in 21st Century

12th June, 2018(Tuesday) - India's 21st century electricity grid is becoming smarter with the help of advanced & digital technologies, where consumption and efficiency can work together to generate savings & benefits. However, in want of lack of continuing investment in distribution infrastructure in last two decades the health of grid is not up to mark affecting quality delivery of power to all on 24X7 basis.

16th Webinar - Power requirement for EV charging stations and impact on grid for high scale adoption

10th May, 2018 (Thursday) - Over the past few years, Electric vehicles have become a very important part of the automotive industry as we try to look for a future uses clean energy. Electric vehicles introduce a new concept of benefiting from electricity as the economic clean transportation technology.

15th Webinar - Impact of distributed Solar Net Metering on grid stability and preparations that DISCOMs can undertake

03rd April, 2018 (Tuesday) India's major dependence on imported fossil fuel for its energy needs is increasing renewables share especially of solar. The central government has set up an ambitious target of installing 40GW of rooftop (distributed) solar by 2022 but the installed capacity has only crossed the 1GW mark till date.

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