18th Webinar - kVAh Billing - the 4 things you must know to optimize energy bills

Webinar Date: 30-07-2020
Webinar Time: 03:30PM to 05:30PM


After implementation of the kVAh tariff structure by MSEDCL in April 2020, several Companies in Maharashtra have experienced relatively higher billing amounts, as compared to the past. For many companies the calculation of kVAh based tariff structure and their internal calculations are in a mismatch. For companies which have already installed Harmonic filters, and yet experienced higher bills, the situation is puzzling. The situation in Maharashtra is no different from what the customers experienced in Tamil Nadu some months ago, when the implementation of kVAh billing was initiated. With a possibility that several states in the country would take up the kVAh billing in near future, this is an issue that needs to be addressed and be updated on priority.

This Webinar intends to drive the awareness on kVAh billing, and the importance of addressing the fundamental issues concerning the rise in billing. The Webinar will address 4 key issues which could be driving your energy bills higher due to poor Power Quality:

  • Reactive power & Reactive Energy compensation
  • Abrupt load changes and compensation
  • Unbalanced load compensation (fixed & dynamic)
  • Harmonics in the electrical network

The Webinar will also touch upon other possible and related issues that could be driving the bills higher such as calculation errors, logic of calculation of Reactive energy as per kVAh tariff structure and more…

It is important that the end users understand the importance of Power Quality and the need to improve it on an urgent basis to address the concerns in new kVAh based tariff implementation. This is also in view of the adaptation of National PQ regulations by various state regulatory commissions and distribution companies expected in near future – the most recent announcement in Punjab.


This webinar brings regulatory and PQ domain experts along with end users to represent the renewed importance of PQ in context of kVAh tariff:

  • Addressing fundamental issues underlying concerns of increased energy bills after kVAh tariff implementation
  • Importance of PQ monitoring to reduce energy bills after kVAh tariff implementation


Mr. Manas Kundu

International Copper Association of India, Director, Energy Solutions
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Mr. Tushar Mogre

TAS PowerTek Ltd., Managing Director

As the Managing Director of TAS PowerTek Ltd. – a company involved in manufacturing of Power measurement and conditioning equipment, Tushar has been at the forefront of developing new and innovative solutions to ensure reliable and efficient electrical power. He comes with over three decades of expertise in Power Quality improvement, electrical energy conservation auditing, and providing solutions on Power supply system Harmonics and VAR compensation. With initial employment at Siemens India Ltd. and as a consultant to several leading companies, Tushar is a trusted advisor and go-to-expert on various aspects of electrical power distribution, SCADA and automation.

Key Talk Points

  1. kVAh billing – what factors matter?
  2. How does kVAh billing implementation benefit you – short and long term perspectives?
  3. What you need to do to reduce and maintain lower energy bills as per the kVAh tariff guides
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Mr. Rajen Mehta

Efficienergi Consulting Pvt. Ltd., CEO

Rajen is regarded as one of India’s foremost experts on Power Quality and related subjects. In 2013, he co-founded Efficienergi Consulting Pvt. Ltd., with a vision to build technology and data-driven solutions for enhancing reliability, availability, safety and efficiency of electrical power networks. At Efficienergi, he leads the R&D for software solutions and has been instrumental in driving out of the box solutions to serve the needs of the industry towards optimization of their Power and Energy networks and offering a completely structured and data-driven “concept to diagnosis” to implementation” experience.

Rajen is a thought leader and has been working with a vision to transform the way we manage modern electrical networks.

Key Talk Points

  1. How did you prepare for kVAh billing – since the implementation was under discussion and review for the last 2 years?
  2. What were the key elements/drivers for a proactive approach to PQ? How did it benefit you in terms of kVAh Billing and other electrical network health areas?
  3. How was your experience with PQ monitoring? What would be your suggestion to fellow professionals on the importance of improving PQ and monitoring it continuously as an important health parameter.
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Webinar Video

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