Wireless Energy Transmission

Electric current is used for two very different purposes: the transmission of energy and the transmission of information. Although the methods and equipment used differ significantly, the same underlying properties of electric current are utilised.

Information can be transmitted using voltages and currents via an electric conductor or ‘wirelessly’ via electromagnetic fields. In certain circumstances, purely magnetic fields will also do the job. There is also the possibility of transmitting information down an optical cable using light rather than electrical signals.

However, transmitting energy always requires a connection made from an electrically conducting material. Always? Or is it actually possible to do without the electrical connection? Well, that very much depends on how much copper wire one wants to use to build the coils that establishes the ‘wireless connection’…

This Application Note elaborates on the sense and non-sense of wireless electrical energy transmission in a variety of potential applications, such as small-scale electrical devices, public lighting, electric motor excitation, electric car chargers, trams and railways.

Application Note Author & Publisher: Leonardo ENERGY

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