14th Webinar - Business case for Loss Reduction using advanced Volt-VAR control in Indian grid

22nd February, 2018 (Thursday) - India's power grid system is massive and needs re-balancing to deal with the fluctuating/erratic nature of power generated from various energy sources flowing into the system and keep supply in sync with demand. The concern comes as India pushes for its ambitious target of 175 GW of energy from renewable energy.

13th Webinar - Smart Grid viability for Indian Distribution Companies

19th December, 2017 (Tuesday) - The electricity distribution industry is facing unprecedented array of challenges ranging from a supply-demand gap, improper 24x7 power supply to rising costs. The distribution network today has become vulnerable and is increasingly governed by bi-directional power flows and fluctuating voltages determined by customer load & generation.

12th Webinar Manage your assets downtime through better understanding of PQ Issues

05th October, 2017 (Thursday) - In today's uncertain economic climate, capital and operational budgets remain tight, while assets availability and reliability may lag behind baseline performance expectations. Asset downtime and poor power quality can be disastrous to meeting customer demands, and pose potential risks to human safety.

11th Webinar PQ Audit The right choice to ensure power system performance

23rd February, 2017 ( Thursday) - Today's IoT driven and power electronics based economy relies on electric power to fuel its growth. Increasingly, power quality impacts the bottom line of commercial power users. Without the proper power, an electrical device (or load) may malfunction, fail prematurely or not operate at all.

10th Webinar Assessing Transformer Loss in Harmonics High Environment

17th November, 2016 (Thursday) - Transformers are one of the most important and high CAPEX assets for Electric Utilities. They are normally designed and built for use at rated frequency and perfect sinusoidal load current. However, with advances in modern electrical systems, there is a sudden increase in proliferation of non-linear loads such as power supplies rectifier equipment, domestic appliances (computers, UPS systems, etc.), adjustable speed drives, etc.

9th Webinar Uncovering Investment Analysis for Power Quality Solutions

22nd August, 2016 (Monday) - The economic analysis of any new or transformation project is the fundamental step for any investment decision. This holds true when addressing the increasing Power Quality (PQ) issues in industrial and electricity distribution networks. Poor PQ causes production loss and maintenance costs for high-end industrial customers while resulting in revenue loss for the utility operators.

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