12th Webinar Manage your assets downtime through better understanding of PQ Issues

Webinar Date: 05-10-2017
Webinar Time: 04:00PM to 05:30PM


In today’s uncertain economic climate, capital and operational budgets remain tight, while assets’ availability and reliability may lag behind baseline performance expectations. Asset downtime and poor power quality can be disastrous to meeting customer demands, and pose potential risks to human safety. Breakdowns, untimely maintenance and stoppages due to power quality issues can be wasteful, destructive and inefficient. Poor PQ interrupts processes, causes damage to equipment and leads to downtime due to unnecessary trips. The cost of poor power quality is high and rising with the increasing number of disturbances and modern production equipment becoming more sensitive to these disturbances. Most of the equipment, in use, today is susceptible to damage or service interruption during poor power quality events. Poor power quality also affects the efficiency and operation of electric devices and other equipment in factories and offices. Asset downtime is undesirable for any business and even the smallest interruption or power quality event can cause equipment failure, data loss or lost revenue. Hence, there is need for better understanding of PQ which will help in managing the assets downtime.


Benefit 1: Understanding the problems associated with power quality variations which help relate the cause-and-effect on equipment and processes within customer facilities.
Benefit 2: Uptake on asset management plan which will include condition monitoring tests and predictive maintenance planning to identify most faults before they become catastrophic failures, allowing to plan remedial actions during planned shutdowns.


Ajay Kumar

GE Energy Management, Product / Technology Leader

Key Talk Points

  • Impact of asset downtime on utility’s operation and profitability
  • Key challenges/gaps in current practices of asset management
  • How better understanding of PQ issues will help better management of asset downtime and allowing better performance & productivity
Download Presentation:

Pannalal Biswas

InPhase Power Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Chief Executive Officer

Key Talk Points

  • Uptake of asset management in India
  • Suggestions to proceed with the updating and maintenance of equipment reducing PQ issues
  • Case study regarding asset management for reducing asset downtime with better understanding of PQ
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Webinar Video

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