14th Webinar - Business case for Loss Reduction using advanced Volt-VAR control in Indian grid

Webinar Date: 22-02-2018
Webinar Time: 04:00PM to 05:30PM


India’s power grid system is massive and needs re-balancing to deal with the fluctuating/erratic nature of power generated from various energy sources flowing into the system and keep supply in sync with demand. The concern comes as India pushes for its ambitious target of 175 GW of energy from renewable energy. This has started resulting in significant grid integration challenges, particularly surrounding grid augmentation and congestion management. With the increased adoption of such diverse energy resources, there is a paradigm shift of monitoring, control and operation functions of the grid network.

Experience has proven that overall costs and performance of operating a power system can be best managed, if voltage control and reactive power control are well integrated. The flow of reactive power affects power system voltages just as the flow of real power does. Therefore, Volt-VAR control is essential for electric utilities’ ability to deliver power within appropriate voltage limits so that consumer’s equipment operates properly and to deliver power at an optimal power factor to minimize losses and PQ issues (e.g. sags, spikes, voltage fluctuations, etc.)

There are a number of benefits associated with implementing Volt-VAR control technologies. For utilities, it provides a higher level of visibility into system operating parameters and a greater degree of control to optimize energy efficient, reliable and quality electricity delivery. This type of solution can be used to optimize voltage profiles and then lower overall system voltage while staying within the specified ANSI voltage limits.


This webinar brings experts from the field of service provider/utility and technical consultant to share their experiences on the following topics:
Benefit 1: Key challenges of using Volt/VAR control technology with Indian grid and prerequisites for policy level changes.
Benefit 2: Action-plan for loss reduction & PQ improvement using Volt/VAR controllers in distribution grid by Indian utilities.


Mr. Rajprasanta Chakraborty

CESC Limited, Manager, Loss Control Cell

Key Talk Points

  • Need of VAR control and challenges faced
  • Installation and remote monitoring
  • Business case for VAR optimization within LV distribution network
  • Impact of future RE penetration in LV distribution network
Download Presentation:

Mr. Vijay Pande

Ranial Systems, Senior Consultant

Key Talk Points

  • The major losses plaguing the Indian grid and what is its economic impact
  • Where are these losses occurring in the network and how are they calculated/monitored?
  • The importance of Volt-VAR control in the grid. How do they help in loss reduction and improve power quality?
  • The suggested action-plan for reliability and quality of power supply
  • A successful case study of Volt-VAR control technology implementation in India
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Webinar Video

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