10th Webinar Assessing Transformer Loss in Harmonics High Environment

Webinar Date: 17-11-2016
Webinar Time: All Day

Transformers are one of the most important and high CAPEX assets for Electric Utilities. They are normally designed and built for use at rated frequency and perfect sinusoidal load current. However, with advances in modern electrical systems, there is a sudden increase in proliferation of non-linear loads such as power supplies rectifier equipment, domestic appliances (computers, UPS systems, etc.), adjustable speed drives, etc. These non-linear loads draw non-sinusoidal currents and cause voltage and current distortion called harmonics.

The transformer is also one of the key equipment which interfaces between supply and most non-linear loads. For e.g. According to Strategies for development and diffusion of Energy Efficient Distribution Transformers (SEEDT), the losses caused by harmonics are estimated at about 5000 GWh/year. The harmonic currents cause a small increase in winding losses; and, the high-frequency harmonic voltage cause large core losses leading to early fatigue of insulation, premature failure and reduction of the life of the transformer. Therefore, harmonic analysis with loss calculation plays a vital role in transformers to reduce harmonics effect.

In simple words, loss calculation means, when ordering/purchasing a transformer, certain acceptable levels of core and winding losses are agreed between the client and the manufacturer. However, actual loss levels are subject to some variation in the production process. Hence, when purchasing transformers, it is important to compare the cost of the losses over the entire lifetime of the various types considered.

This webinar brings an expert from an energy industry sharing his views on assessment of transformer losses in harmonics high environment with the help of ‘Transformer Loss Calculation Tool’.  


This webinar brings an expert from an energy industry, to share his views on the following topics:

Benefit 1:Key challenges faced by industries/utilities in purchasing transformers.
Benefit 2: Key parameters of transformer loss calculation enabling end-users to choose economically most efficient transformers.


Mr. Walter Hulshorst

Power System Planning, DNV Energy Advisor, Head of Section
  • What are the key challenges that you see in current practices of transformer purchase/investment planning?
  • What is the economic impact due to transformer losses (indicate some estimates)?
  • What are the key parameters to be considered, while purchasing a transformer? How does  Transformer loss calculation tools help assess loss evaluation?

Share case study/example and relevant calculation details possibly comparing different investment analysis methods available on the tool.

Download Presentation:
APQI-Webinar_Assessing-Transformer-Loss-in-Harmonics-High-Environment_Mr-Walter-Hulshorst (1).pdf

Mr. Manas Kundu –

Energy Solutions, Director
Download Presentation:
APQI-Webinar_PQ-Audit-The-right-choice-to-ensure-power-system-performance_Mr-Manas-Kundu (1).pdf

Webinar Video

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