One Day Workshop on Power Quality in Textile Industry, 20th July 2019 at Coimbatore - Highlights

”Good PQ means Good Business”. In textile industry the energy efficiency drive and reduced cost of production imperative has brought increasing focus on good power quality. APQI recently brought out a “PQ Application note for textile industries”. APQI and CIT joined hands to unveil this application note amongst textile industry stakeholder and practitioners at South India. This was the first workshop which was held at CIT Coimbatore on 20th July.

DATE: 20th July 2019
TIME: 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM
LOCATION: Library Building Conference Hall, Coimbatore Institute of Technology, Coimbatore -14


Inaugural Invitation
PQ Agenda
Evolution of APQI – Mr. Manas Kundu
Fundamentals of Power Quality – Dr. S. Elango
Implementation of Harmonic Standards – Mr. A. D. Thirumoorthy
Review of the PQ Application Note for Textile Industries – Prof. K. Narayanan
PQ Survey Highlights by VIT Team – Dr. K. Palanisamy
PQ Survey Highlights – Dr. T. Logeswaran
Advantages and Case Study on Passive Filter in Power Quality – Mr. K. Ravichandran
PQ Management Harmonic Tool – Mr. Rajen Mehta

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