TRAFOCARE 6th Workshop on Transformers held at Mumbai on 07-08 August, 2018

To ensure good Power Quality you need to give your transformer a good environment in order to have efficient operations and getting the best out of the transformer.

We are happy to inform that one of our NSN Partner, KCluster is organizing an annual workshop TRAFOCARE during 07th and 08th August, 2018 in Mumbai. For more details visit


Trafocare is mission for conservation of Transformers. Maintaining outside warranty transformers – hundreds & thousands of them – is a task of every utility & industry. Trafocare is an opportunity to see big picture of collective transformer fleet of dozens of utilities/industries and an attempt to sensitize towards the mission. Case study, Experience sharing, discussions and debates on real life transformer issues – clarify doubts and gets exposed to knowledge outside the organization.

TRAFOCARE objective is that the known knowledge is discussed and that should help the end users

  • To maintain their outside warranty transformers
  • To maintain their new transformers
  • To decide on specs of buying new transformers

Useful Resources

The Transformer Loss Calculation Tool is the most effective resource that will help you choose an economically efficient Transformer, saving a lot of time, money and energy. Download Now

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