13th Webinar - Smart Grid viability for Indian Distribution Companies

Webinar Date: 19-12-2017
Webinar Time: 04:00PM to 05:30PM


The electricity distribution industry is facing unprecedented array of challenges ranging from a supply-demand gap, improper 24×7 power supply to rising costs. The distribution network today has become vulnerable and is increasingly governed by bi-directional power flows and fluctuating voltages determined by customer load & generation. Left with an ageing infrastructure, the conventional distribution network needs an upgrade and the smart energy (comprising of smart grids, smart meters, micro grids, etc.) phenomenon is the way forward. Effective implementation of the smart energy involves advanced distribution network automation integrating the power network with ICT technologies and electronic devices. Such automation demands adequate power quality to guarantee the necessary compatibility between all equipment connected to the smart grid.

The effective transition from the existing energy distribution network towards a more efficient and reliable one by means of the smart energy is expected to bring changes in the way utilities operate in present era. But, this future comes at a cost and with immense challenges along the way. It requires capital investment in transforming the grid from an electro-mechanical system to a fully automated system. Its full potential requires much to happen on many different fronts. Utilities face tough dilemmas on the timing of investment, choice of technology partners, how to maximize the cost-benefit, etc. An adequate power quality guarantees the necessary compatibility between all equipment connected to the grid. Power quality, therefore, is an important issue for the successful and efficient operation of existing as well as future grids.


Benefit 1: Understanding the current progress of Smart Grid projects and policy level decisions for wider implementation
Benefit 2: Experts in the Smart Grid Area share their experiences about a stage-wise action plan and PQ issues avoidance in smart grid project implementation and a successful case study.


Mr. Reji Pillai

India Smart Grid Forum, President

Key Talk Points

  • How is the progress of Smart Grid in India? What are the key challenges faced by discoms for its effective implementation?
  • How Quality of supply affects Smart Grid implementation?
  • What policy level decisions are being undertaken for speedy uptake of smart grids projects in India? What learnings can de drawn from other nations?
  • How to create utility / industry interface credible and transparent?
  • Suggestions for maintaining PQ in the network while implementing smart grid projects

Mr. Alfred Manohar

Utility Solutions, Cyient Ltd. (ex – Enzen), Global Head

Key Talk Points

  • Stage-wise action plan needed to be undertaken for smart grid projects implementation
  • The use of electronic equipment and converters are highly vulnerable to harmonic distortion (a major issue in non-linear load environment), can this be measured for better control? If yes, how to measure, where to measure and who is the contributor?
  • Can smart grid address the big challenge of carrying out Measurement & Verification (M&V) of Standard of Performance Regulations
  • Can Smart Grid help industry to recognise and thereby address PQ to reduce cost of poor PQ?
  • A successful case study of smart grid implementation in India covering aspects like roll-out plan, investment, challenges & its overcome, viability, etc.
Download Presentation:


APQI Presentation

Webinar Video

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