CAPACIT 2019- 9th International Conference on Capacitors

CAPACIT Conference which is held once in four years provides a common and a unique platform to all the stake holders such as manufacturers, users of capacitors and power conditioning devices, regulators, research & development organizations, experts from Industries, Utilities, testing & standardization organizations, electrical consultants, academicians and students. The event is marked by 2 days of knowledge sharing, intense deliberations amongst various stakeholders on present status and emerging trends.

IEEMA Capacitor Division has organized the 9th International Conference on Capacitors on 14th and 15th February 2019 at Hotel The Lalit, Barakhambha, New Delhi.

Aligned to the emerging scenario the theme for the CAPACIT 2019 is “Reactive Power & Beyond “.

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CAPACIT 2019 – Schedule
APQI Keynote
APQI Keynote – Supporting Presentation
Presentation on Harmonics Assessment & Impact – Methodology

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