Power Quality in India - is the glass half-full or half-empty?

Let’s face it. As the industries and workplaces open-up after post-covid-19 and day to day operations resume with caution, India’s Power Quality is among the many things that are to face one of their toughest tests. As compared to the world, India has been late to start its journey to improve PQ. Just as the implementation of PQ regulations of 2018 – issued by the Forum of Regulators, along with other existing standards were expected to be implemented and become the central driver to improve PQ, the Covid-19 crisis has unfolded. At a time, when the need for reliability is likely to peak, Indian industries, consumers and utility companies are likely to continue facing serious challenges with respect to safety and reliability of power. The rise in cases of a short-circuit, industrial accidents in the past few weeks is an indicator of the same.

As far as PQ is concerned, each time that India has taken a step forward, it is followed by a push-back where there is a step or two backward due to various reasons. Today and in the past, whether the glass is half full or half empty for India’s PQ has always been a dilemma.

The article “State of Power Quality in India” published recently in the PowerLine magazine – a leading power sector magazine for electrical and power industry professionals in India makes a convincing attempt to clear the dilemma. Read and judge for yourself!

Note: APQI has contributed through its experts and research support to develop the opinions expressed in the article.

You can now also access the magazine’s soft copy on the link given below



PowerLine Vol.24/No.7 March 2020

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