8th Webinar Leveraging Passive Filters to minimize Life Cycle Cost

Webinar Date: 19-05-2016
Webinar Time: All Day

The non-linear loads are ever increasing in today’s electrical and electronics equipment, resulting in an increased proliferation of harmonics, a significant Power Quality (PQ) issue in power systems.  According to some industry experts, non-linear loads are approaching 75% – 90% of the loading on our nation’s electricity grid. This results into large load currents in the neutral wires causing overheating, erratic operation of control and protection relays, Interference in telecommunication systems and equipment, failure or malfunction of computers, motor drives, lighting circuits, etc.

Given the condition of utility power systems, harmonic mitigation and improvement of power quality are very essential. Out of various types of filters available for harmonic mitigation, passive filters are applied extensively across the world due to their low cost, simple design and high reliability. Passive filters are the ideal solutions for reducing harmonics in medium and high-voltage networks. A clean network creates much less strain on equipment, lengthen its life span thereby resulting in a lower maintenance cost or the cost of replacing worn-out equipment over a period of time. Selecting and installing passive filters is a step-by-step approach including problem definition, sources of harmonics, load characteristics and evaluation of life cycle costs.

This webinar brings speakers from Utilities and Technology Providers to share their experiences on the following topics:

1. Life cycle cost analysis role in reduction of non-linear loads like harmonics, allowing utilities to prioritize and make informed decision on Capital Investment Plan (CIP).

2. Uptake on passive filters solution and its effectiveness as a long-term benefit in the Indian context


Dr. V. R. Kanetkar

Emerson Network Limited, Technical Consultant
  • Key design parameters and the importance of passive filters in terms of its evaluation and implementation.
  • Key difficulties being faced by end-users in implementing passive filters (For eg. understanding of standards, providing right input data/information to designers, etc.)
  • Uptake of passive filters in India.
  • Key parameters to take into account for arriving at better Techno-economical passive filter solution for the end-users for a long-term benefit.
  • A case study comparing passive filter implementation with and without life cycle cost approach.

Ms. Anjuli Chandra

Central Electricity Authority, Chief Engineer
  • Impact of Harmonics on utility as operation and profitability.
  • Key challenges/gaps in current practices of utilities network cost planning.
  • Importance of life cycle cost for improving network performance and allowing to make more cost-effective decisions to mitigate PQ issues by Indian Utilities.

Webinar Video

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