Seminar on Electrical Utility Management

Dates and Place: 10-11 January 2017 at Hotel Hyatt Regency, Chennai (Non-residential program)

Issues like Electrical Safety , Power Quality, and Reliability are becoming a priority among Electrical Engineering community. Recognizing this important need, FICCI is organizing a National Seminar on “Electric Utility Management ” with a focus on Reliability , Safety, Power Quality & Earthing during 17-18 July 2013 at Chennai. International Copper Promotion Council (India) is the Knowledge Partner for this seminar. This two-day meet is a forum for exchange of information and sharing of experience and expertise among the technical & management professionals in this area.

Please download the presentations of the EUM program. Click Here

The objective of the Seminar is:

  • Equip our industries with latest trends on efficient O&M practices, Electrical Safety, condition monitoring of electrical equipments
  • Develop confidence and increase the capability of plant personnel to equip with best practices in Electrical Engineering
  • Help industries in terms of getting information regarding technology providers, consultants.

Program Focus:

The sessions will focus on:

  • Electrical Safety: Hazards, Protection & Audits
  • Condition monitoring of Static & Rotating equipment
  • Understanding Power Quality Disturbances
  • Power Quality Improvement techniques
  • Earthing: Myths & Facts
  • Variable Frequency Drives: Selection Criteria, Application & Case Studies
  • Building Electrical Systems Design with Safety, Power Quality and Reliability

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