Case Study

Well researched and documented real-industry live case studies covering a wide rage of Industries and PQ issues from Asia on harmonic distortions, under-voltage and over-voltage, voltage dips, sags, flicker/sag/swell, transients, earthing, reactive compensation and so on , are available here for downloading. The case studies offer detailed analysis of the PQ issues ad solutions including economic analysis to enable users and top managements to readily go in for implementable economical solutions.


Power Quality Monitoring Using Transient Analysis In Lv Power Distribution Network – A Case Study

The power distribution network is becoming increasingly congested due to volatile renewable energy (RE) connections from photovoltaic (PV), wind and battery energy sources. The maximum impact of RE connections are felt by the DISCOM who operate the low voltage (LV) network in the region of high renewable energy concentration.

The Right Selection UPS & Harmonics

Uninterruptible Power Supply or commonly known as UPS, thought to be designed for emergency power supply, is a very common device in India. However, along with emergency power supply, it is also now used to correct other power quality problems. An UPS can be used to solve power quality issues such as over voltage, under voltage, constant frequency, noise and voltage dips.

Welding Machines Impact on System and Mitigation

According to Indiainfoline, $ 93 billion automotive industry contributes 7.1% to India's GDP and almost 49% to the nation's manufacturing GDP (FY 2015-16). Apart from being key pillar to India's growth, this sector has its own challenges in the form of continuous R&D, enhancing safety (passenger and within manufacturing process), energy efficiency and competitiveness.

VFD Line Reactor Importance of Proper Design

With the increasing focus on energy efficiency Variable Frequency Drives (VSD) usage have increased rapidly in last few years. VFD penetration in the industrial domain has shot up for attaining energy efficiency, process optimization or control over process paramters. VFD's are becoming an integral part of the industries and commercial establishments too.

Improper Design of Harmonic Filter

Harmonics are one of major power quality concern and it is affecting consumers, electricity distribution company and transmission company. With increase in awareness among the various stakeholders about impact of poor power quality, all stakeholders are becoming concerned about reducing harmonics in the system.

Protection and Operational Reliability Improvement Using Line / Neutral Inductances and Neutral Current Compensator

In today’s digital driven world, current in a neutral conductor is one of common problem faced by the electrical engineers in most of the commercial buildings, hospitals, IT/ITeS sector. Apart from these buildings, electronic load in an industry like CNC machines, UPS, robotics which also have excessive neutral current.

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