Case Study

Well researched and documented real-industry live case studies covering a wide rage of Industries and PQ issues from Asia on harmonic distortions, under-voltage and over-voltage, voltage dips, sags, flicker/sag/swell, transients, earthing, reactive compensation and so on , are available here for downloading. The case studies offer detailed analysis of the PQ issues ad solutions including economic analysis to enable users and top managements to readily go in for implementable economical solutions.

Solutions for Non-linear loads of a weld shop: A case study from an automobile industry

A weld shop forms a larger component of non-linear load in any large sized modern automobile industry. There will be variety of weld machines such as spot weld, arc weld, seam weld, resistance and are used for assembly line activities at main body shop, shell body shop, side member shop, under body shop etc.

PLCs Tripping - A Case Study of identification of voltage Disturbance, and solution

The electronic equipments such as PLCs and digital processors are sensitive to power quality related problems including the voltage levels, requiring to be operated as per national/international standards within permissible limits. Sensitivity to power disturbance varies dramatically from one system to another and from one electrical environment to another.

Reactive compensation and voltage control at in-plant distribution system of a large Automobile industry

For a large Automobile industry, which commenced its initial operations three decades ago, has expanded its manufacturing activities to meet the present market demands. This necessitated the up gradation of the power intake arrangements and also plant distribution system.

Solution to capacitors failure in an engineering / manufacturing industry

This industry is engaged in manufacture of engines which are crucial for reliable operation of an auto mobile or a generator. High level of harmonics in the system could result in unreliable performance of the critical equipments in the industry, resulting in production losses and quality issues.

High harmonics levels in a non- linear loads environment in a metal manufacturing industry

Apart from the high level of harmonic presence in the industry due to non?linear loads, many units face inherent issues of supply quality which may be beyond their control. The study is one such instance of a metal industry located in polluted utility supply environment.

Smart Distribution Power Quality Management Solution

Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd. (Mahavitaran)is one of the largest power distribution companies in India. It has over 6.3 lakhs Distribution Transformers (DTs) with transformation capacity of over 72,500 MVA. Its vision is to be the best power distribution utility in India delivering quality and reliable power at a competitive price.

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