Case Study

Well researched and documented real-industry live case studies covering a wide rage of Industries and PQ issues from Asia on harmonic distortions, under-voltage and over-voltage, voltage dips, sags, flicker/sag/swell, transients, earthing, reactive compensation and so on , are available here for downloading. The case studies offer detailed analysis of the PQ issues ad solutions including economic analysis to enable users and top managements to readily go in for implementable economical solutions.

Solutions to PQ Issues in a Chemical Industry

Debilitating effect on electrical system components due to high level of harmonics and consequent breakdown in the plant can be addressed by proper evaluation of the levels of harmonics present and adopting solutions to overcome the issues. This case study brings out an approach in this direction adopted successfully within a chemical industry.

Power Quality and other environmental issues at a large IT Buildings - An approach to best reliability

Reliable and quality power supply for a large IT-enabled services and BPOsí office space, housing several infrastructure with data centers and network rooms is an important aspect, as there has been revolutionary changes in the growth of IT technology and products over the past decades.

Power Quality and Generator Sets

A power quality audit, investigating methods for addressing electrical failures/trippings was initiated. Through analysis, design, and implementation of a cost effective electrical systems, the unit was able to significantly decrease both the overall energy consumption at the facility and prevent system outages.

Power Quality and Generator Sets

Standby Diesel Generating Sets are commonly employed by the industry to provide reliable power to the critical process machinery. Dynamic loads such as motors, welders, elevator, crusher etc are common in several industrial applications. Most of the motors for these applications use DC Drives or VFDs in order to realize the desired efficiency or precise control.

Controlling Power Quality environment in intelligent buildings?a step towards overcoming barriers towards greener norms

Global warming that now look increasingly threatening like never before. Unfortunately the major pie of its cause is related to the energy that we canít live without. Looking at the inevitable our engineering design practices are bound to take material shift. It no longer can restrict itself to merely doing the job but also the need to do it in an energy efficient way.

Study of PQ in an electronic products manufacturing unit to assess reasons for nuisance tripping

Many industrial installations suffer from nuisance tripping of circuit breakers. Often these trips seem random and inexplicable but, of course, there is always a reason and there are two common causes. The first possible cause is inrush currents that occur when heavy loads are switched on.

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