Study of PQ in an electronic products manufacturing unit to assess reasons for nuisance tripping


Many industrial installations suffer from nuisance tripping of circuit breakers. Often these trips seem random and inexplicable but, of course, there is always a reason and there are two common causes. The first possible cause is inrush currents that occur when heavy loads are switched on. The second likely cause is that the true current flowing in the circuit has been under measured – in other words, the current really is too high due to the presence of harmonic distortions caused by polluted supply or Non‐linear loads. Modern electronic controllers that are added in the industries for having refined control for the process and enhancing the efficiency of the system are classified as non linear loads. When they are plenty in number, it is essential to evaluate the impact of these on the power circuit and adequacy of the power distribution system created. The plant PQ audit only can reveal all this



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