Saving Life and Saving Money PQ Mitigation in Diagnostic Centre


The case study focuses on power quality issues present in a diagnostic center, importance of detailed power quality study to identify root cause of issues. In today’s health care facilities, electromagnetic environment has changed dramatically. Presence of electromagnetic equipments is common in diagnostic and monitoring of patients. Electromagnetic and high sensitive equipments have become very common in healthcare facility during last one decade.

All medical equipments capture electrical signals from our body for diagnosis. It is well known fact now that human body gives electromagnetic signals. There are many physiological activities that can be measured directly. All these signals are functions of specific frequencies. If there is any power quality related issues, these frequencies can get disturbed very easily. Resultant can be wrong diagnostics creating life and death situation for the patient and credibility of the facility.

This case study presents problems faced by a diagnostic center. The problems faced by the diagnostic center were image related issues in sonography machine, high electricity bill due as power factor was not unity and failure of personal computers, medical equipment card failures and failures of luminaries.

By carrying a detailed power quality audit, root causes for the issues were identified. After identification of the issues, the facility implemented the suggestions from the power quality audit. After implementing power quality mitigation solutions, the health care facility solved their problems.



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