Reactive compensation and voltage control at in-plant distribution system of a large Automobile industry


For a large Automobile industry, which commenced its initial operations three decades ago, has expanded its manufacturing activities to meet the present market demands. This necessitated the up gradation of the power intake arrangements and also plant distribution system. To manage the required supply voltage and reactive power compensation requirements at various plant load centers during working/non? working hours(which is highly variable) is a challenging task and requires systematic closer look on these aspects from reliable and satisfactory plant operation point of view .The study paper highlights the necessity of continuous review of PQ parameters and corrective measures to be taken to achieve an optimized results, especially when plant power user departments are very large in number(Nearly 100) and expanding as in this case. This has also high bearing on the monthly electricity bill which are dependent on three important parameters such as load demand &its variation, energy consumed with time of day tariff and also reactive power drawn from the grid. Thus power factor management and meeting the voltage regulation within the plant area becomes more important for a large industrial site, as in this case.



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