Seem National Technical Series On Back Your Pat With Sound Energy Audit

One day programmes from August 26th – September 30th
Lead Speaker – Mr. K K Chakarvarti, Energy Economics Knowledge Sharing Expert

You are invited to register for our next phase of National Technical Series on Back your PAT with Quality Energy Audits, scheduled from August 26 th to September 30 th at various locations across India. The sessions are designed to encourage healthy interactions and discussions to ensure energy audits deliver the desired outcome for industries and industries become equipped to choose the right energy audit services and implement the best energy efficiency measures recommended. The technical sessions are meant for industry professionals from Designated Consumers (DCs), Certified and Practicing Energy Auditors and Managers, Accredited Energy Auditors and ESCOs. The session will be led by Mr. K K Chakarvarti, renowned energy expert and competent faculty from SEEM, ICAI and APQI. You will be provided with a ‘Certificate of Participation’ after attending the program.

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