Power Quality Solution through Harmonics Distortion Correction for Corporate Head Office Building


An Indian electricity utility has mandated to limit harmonic distortion starting from the year 2012, which in turn is based on IEEE-519 standard/CEA-2007 regulation for grid connectivity, devised to improve quality of power supply as well as to stabilize the grid, preventing it from a sudden collapse by relieving it together with connected generating stations from the cascading effects of a possible built up of a stressful power system conditions.

It is difficult to deconstruct the root cause of a grid collapse. And even after a decade no convincing reason has emerged from the American grid collapse. It is however certain that grid collapse when multiple reasons swell up cascading one after another and reach the threshold trigger point.

Power quality harmonic is one of the major constituents that define a stable grid. Power surge viz. voltage sag, which is also a consequence of power quality harmonic; is the single major cause that inflicts billions of dollars damages in terms of industrial equipment failures and productivity losses every year worldwide. Further electrical harmonics are unpredictable and under favorable power systems impedance, trigger harmonic resonance that magnifies harmonics as well as power fluctuations in the grid supply.



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