Power Quality Monitoring Using Transient Analysis In Lv Power Distribution Network – A Case Study


The power distribution network is becoming increasingly congested due to volatile renewable energy (RE) connections from photovoltaic (PV), wind and battery energy sources. The maximum impact of RE connections are felt by the DISCOM who operate the low voltage (LV) network in the region of high renewable energy concentration. There are concerns regarding adverse impact on power quality (PQ) parameters mainly voltage quality index, total harmonic distortions (THD) and voltage transients, as RE connections also result in voltage surges, flickers and switching transients. The impact of these PQ disturbances on technical losses and carbon footprint has led the DISCOM to devise ways of monitoring its LV network in real-time. The objective is to have a better situational awareness 24x7 of the PQ parameters, based on which informed decisions can be taken to minimize their adverse impact, leading to outage reduction and potential savings in network operation.



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