Improper Design of Harmonic Filter


Harmonics are one of major power quality concern and it is affecting consumers, electricity distribution company and transmission company. With increase in awareness among the various stakeholders about impact of poor power quality, all stakeholders are becoming concerned about reducing harmonics in the system. Distribution and transmission companies are trying to control harmonics through regulations, consumers are installing harmonic filters to mitigate harmonics. There are various kind of harmonic filters available which are simple line reactor to active harmonic filters and STATCOM’s. However, if the filter is not properly selected and designed, it can instead of mitigating harmonics, can amplify them.

Harmonic filters need to be selected and designed properly so that they should mitigate harmonics properly. In order to select a proper solution, care should be taken that the solution is technical and financial viable. Once a solution is selected, it should be designed taking in the load and well as network in consideration. If network parameters are not considered properly while designing a filter, instead of solving problem it can create other problem.

This case study presents a situation where one plant installed harmonic filter to filter harmonics but instead of reduction in harmonics, harmonics of entire grid were increased.



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