A no. of useful articles from international and national archives exist. A list covering majority of them is given here for further reference-regularly updated.

A Hybrid Parallel Active Filter / Off-Line UPS Unit for Computer Loads

The hybrid system contains a single inverter which acts as a parallel active filter during the normal mode of operation (when the AC supply is available); and also supplies the load withenergy from the UPS back-up battery during the back-up mode of operation (when the AC supply is not available or is beyond the preset tolerance).

HARMONICS Cause for shortening life of Distribution Transformers in the office and commercial complexes

The Harmonics is responsible for polluting the Power Quality environment in distribution grid and also reduce the life of the Transformers. Many Distribution Transformers installed in the Commercial &Office complexes, Malls etc fail prematurely.

Fundamental of Harmonics and Study of its Impact on Electrical Power System

Voltage and current functions are the foundation concepts in the power system. Nonlinear devices like arcing devices, transformers, fluorescent lamps, power converters, rotating machines are the main sources of harmonics by which distortion in power system is produced.

Solar Energy & EVs Driving Power Quality Research

India’s solar mission is expected to add huge rooftop solar capacity connected to the conventional electricity grid. This may pose serious challenges, which is detrimental to asset life and grid stability. The article looks into this aspect and discusses the challenges of Power Quality that needs careful address.

Smart Asset Analytics in Power Distribution Systems

This paper presents an overview of industry trends and practices in the deployment of technologies needed to support the implementation of smart asset analytics in electricity distribution systems. The paper discusses the strategic opportunities and benefits in pursuing specific applications of smart asset analytics e.g. failure prediction, asset optimization and power distribution efficiency improvements, and the role of modern innovative practices in achieving them.

Power Quality in India - is the glass half-full or half-empty?

As the industries and workplaces open-up after post-covid-19 and day to day operations resume with caution, India’s Power Quality is among the many things that are to face one of their toughest tests. As compared to the world, India has been late to start its journey to improve PQ.

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