Fundamental of Harmonics and Study of its Impact on Electrical Power System

In electric power systems, waveforms of voltage and current are one of the most important functions which are mainly focused. Voltage and current functions are the foundation concepts in the power system. Nonlinear devices like arcing devices, transformers, fluorescent lamps, power converters, rotating machines are the main sources of harmonics by which distortion in power system is produced. Harmonic impacts may cause equipment heating, equipment breakdown, system losses, equipment failure, system mal-operation and etc. Therefore, the harmonics studies have become a significant concern. Harmonics also affect voltage, current, power factor, and frequency.

Theory related to harmonics, the concept of harmonic quantities, types of harmonics, the associated harmonics problems in LV, HV, and EHV system are explained in this paper. Methods of measuring harmonics, limits of harmonics for different voltage levels, and its reduction methods are also discussed in this article by Dr. Arora and his students.



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