A no. of useful articles from international and national archives exist. A list covering majority of them is given here for further reference-regularly updated.

Energy Efficiency - Why Your Best Practices Can Lead To Worst Returns!

Energy efficiency best practices, earlier pushed as a tool to mitigate climate change or carbon emission reduction, have come to play a crucial role in improving the competitiveness of manufacturing sector. Design and selection of energy efficient equipment, role of Energy Audits, and use of renewable energy have been the cornerstones of best practices to improve energy efficiency or energy productivity in manufacturing.

National Conference Paper on Power Transmission & Distribution Dr. V. Kanetkar

The Transmission and Distribution systems over a period of time have grown complex as well as have become highly demanding. Due to large proliferation and also mix up of linear and nonlinear loads, the systems are continuously stretched to switching on and off of passive and active control devices, such as capacitor banks (APFC or TSC or TCR), or harmonic filter banks for correction of reactive power / power factor and / or load current harmonics.

An Assessment of Power Quality and Electricity Consumer's Rights in Restructured Electricity Market in Turkey

Recently, electricity consumers have shown increasing concern for power quality. Indeed, power quality standards have become higher than before for certain customers due to sensitivity of automation devices. In addition, power quality is affected by the deregulation of power markets in Turkey.

Integrated Earthing Systems (Earthing Grid)

Businesses and governments will continue to focus on efficiency and quality improvements while at the same time remaining under pressure to reduce costs. Hence, automation developed to a very high level and the Internet has become a strategic requirement. The consequent business vulnerability must obviously be recognized and risk reduced.

Parallel Operation of Transformers with Large Non-Identical Taps for Reactive Power Compensation

A PV solar plant of 40MW capacity is established in Dhursar, Rajasthan, India.The DC output from individual solar panels is converted to AC through inverters. Inverter outputs are summed up and the consolidated output is stepped to 33kV with 380V / 33kV transformers. The transformers feed 33kV bus of switchyard through over head lines.

Power Quality Overview Practical Aspects

Power quality has gained increased importance in power industry in the last two decades.The proliferation of sensitive electronic devices and sophisticated automation equipment in ICE (Information, Communication & Entertainment) driven modern economy calls for a Good Quality Power Supply.

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