HARMONICS Cause for shortening life of Distribution Transformers in the office and commercial complexes

The “Harmonics” is responsible for polluting the Power Quality environment in distribution grid and also reduce the life of the Transformers.

Many Distribution Transformers installed in the Commercial &Office complexes, Malls etc fail prematurely. Most of the Distribution Supply Utilities procure DTRs(Distribution Transformers) conforming to the IS: 1180(part-1)-2014[1]/IEEEC57.12.20-2017[2] irrespective of the locations, where they are to be installed at .The cause of failure is generally reported to as over-loading or short-circuit in L.T. network in the complexes etc, generally well maintained and protected too, whereas the cause of failure of such DTRs is predominantly due to the Harmonics only.

The Distribution Transformers conforming to IS: 1180(part-1)-2014[1]//IEEEC57.12.20-2017[2]are manufactured to feed linear loads; however, they are also capable of feeding the non-linear loads which give rise to Harmonic distortion in sinusoidal wave to the tune of TDD (Total Demand Distortion) of 5% as stipulated in the BEE( Bureau of Energy Efficiency, India)Std. and IEEE Std.-519.-2014[3]

The Author has narrated the ill-effects of Harmonics on the DTRs in this Article. The Harmonics is the root cause of failures of DTRs installed in the Office and Commercial complexes and the Author has also suggested remedial measures thereof.



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