Role of Smart Meters to monitor and improve Power Quality - an Expert's View

Published On: Jul 18, 2019

The power distribution networks is set to undergo dramatic changes with smart grids, renewable energy integration, prosumer connecting rooftop solar system, greater use of power electronics and much more. But one of the key developments is the advancements in instrumentation, especially in measuring the electrical power from multiple dimensions with introduction of new generation of Smart Meters. The introduction of Smart Meters is important as the changes in distribution networks mandate monitoring of electrical power in many more ways in addition to the energy consumption. Measuring is first step in Managing. As India rapidly adapts Smart Meters for consumers, commercial and industrial users a wide range of possibilities of power quality monitoring and control are set to open-up. In this interview, we speak to Dr. Shashikant Bakre, who has been an expert in electrical metering technology for over three decades. He has been on various committees to introduce the smart metering technology and policies and has authored popular books on the subject.

We speak to him on the possibility of assessment of current and voltage parameters in new Smart Meters allowing the monitoring of network to improve the Power Quality. Going beyond quantitative energy monitoring in traditional meters, the discussion digs into the benefits of smart meters to the utility and end users in assessing the qualitative parameters of power such as voltage, current etc. and also the new advantages such as data storage for historical analysis of the same. The interview outlines the working principle of smart meters, the role it could play in monitoring and improving the power quality of electrical network, and hurdles in making it possible.

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