Dealing with the Covid-19 crisis-EPRI Resources brings the latest!

The Covid-19 crisis has been simply unprecedented. It has been growing shockingly, and at a scale that we could have hardly imagined. We are fighting the crisis as individuals, society, businesses, researchers, and some of us as the front-line soldiers. The disruptions caused by the crisis will take a very long time to heal while imparting a heavy toll on every aspect of our life. Caring, learning, and sharing, we believe, is the only way to better fight the crisis and reduce its impact on our lives.

At APQI, along with our partner organisation Energy Power Research Institute (EPRI) we are committed to driving the mission of caring, sharing and learning further to fight the Covid-19 Crisis. EPRI has been developing dedicated knowledge-based resources and tools to improve the efficacy of fight against Covid-19.

The resources created, compiled, and constantly updated by EPRI are highly useful to the members of the Electrical and Power community and everyone else involved in reducing the impact of Covid-19. The resources include the latest technologies, developments and guides to deal with the crisis through a series of webcasts, publications and videos.

You also can contact EPRI at for more information.

You may access the resources on the link below:

EPRI Resources for Covid-19

To fight the COVID-19 crisis ahead, let us be ready in every way that we can be!

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