Total Power Quality Management In An Automotive Component Manufacturing Unit


Power quality is a measure of ideal power supply system. The disturbances or deviations from desired power parameters i.e. voltage, current and frequency can be either through grid, a neighbouring user or self generated issues. At times, a plant could face power quality issues generated within its plant boundary and outside it. In order to improve productivity and quality, manufacturing facilities are adopting automation in most of the industrial processes. All these automation processes are equipped with sensitive electronic components.

These electronic equipments are susceptible to any deviation in power quality like voltage surge/sags, voltage and frequency variation, transients, electrical noise, harmonics etc. Any of these power quality related issue can cause damage to sensitive equipment resulting in loss of capital cost of the product, reliability of operation, loss of productivity and economic loss. The case study depicts case of an automotive component manufacturing facility facing power quality issues due to internal and external factors. The case study also highlights various mitigation techniques adopted by the plant team to successfully mitigate such issues.



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