Application Note

Buyer's Guide for Transformer

‘Net Zero’ buildings today are more of an imperative than a choice, if we want to leave this world a better place for our future generations. Transformer is often the heart for buildings and need careful selection right in the beginning.

PQ in Textile Industry

Power Quality (PQ), is an area, where we have been instrumental in influencing the policy direction of the country with the belief that Good PQ means Good Business. We take great pleasure in bringing out another significantPower Quality (PQ) Application Note for use by the Textile Industry.

Design for Electrical Safety Ver2.0

Unleashing the limitless possibilities of electricity in technological applications requires proper caution and care.Handling vast amounts of energyin any form comes with significant hazards. When energy is released in an undesired way, the results can be devastating.

Fire Cable Sizing

Cables that are exposed to fire while being expected to retain their functionality and provide power to essential equipment at another location must be appropriately selected and sized to take account of the increased electrical resistance at elevated temperature. Manufacturers offer cables and accessories that will survive a standard cellulose fire for 30, 60 or 90 minutes when correctly specified and installed.

The Cost of Poor Power Quality

Power quality is important when market liberalization focuses on electricity price and regulators are focused only on energy efficiency.Lack of power quality may cause damage and the total cost of using electrical energy can be thus doubled. Interruptions are costly to the whole society while some industrial sectors like continuous manufacturing or IT are particularly sensitive to voltage dips.

Fundamentals of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

Electromagnetic interference, EMI, has become very important in the last few decades as the amount of electronic equipment in use has increased enormously. This has led to an increase in the sources of interference, e.g. digital equipment and switching power supplies, and an increase in the sensitivity of equipment to interference, due to higher data rates.

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