Root Cause Analysis for Voltage Drop and Harmonic Distortion at it Industry


Power Quality is a measure of an ideal power supply system. The most obvious defects in power supply system are complete interruption (which may last from a few seconds to several hours) and voltage dips or sags where the voltage drops to a lower value for a short duration. Naturally, long power interruptions are a problem for all users, but many critical operations are very sensitive to even very short interruptions. A typical example of a sensitive operation is the Information Technology (I.T) / I.T enabled Electronic Data processing industry, where the value of the transaction is high but the cost of processing is low; hence any failure of process is catastrophic.

Computers are now essential to all businesses, whether as workstations, network servers or as process controllers. They are vital to the I.T. industry. It was the introduction of computer and electronic equipment that first highlighted the most power quality problems. The learning process resulted in evolution of systems, international standards and the Indian I.T. Industry is expected to bench mark these as a prerequisite for business.

This case study discusses results of a detailed Power Quality (PQ) audit carried out at a large Indian I.T service industry located at Bangalore.


Root Cause Analysis for Voltage Drop and Harmonic Distortion at it Industry

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