Power Quality In Paper Industry


Pulp and Paper Industry is one of the most energy and water intensive industries. On national level, major pulp and paper industries are given target to reduce their specific energy consumption under perform achieve and trade (PAT) scheme by Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). Specific energy consumption depends on both energy consumption and production. If there are unscheduled breakdown and rejection, then it increases energy consumption, thus increasing specific energy consumption. Also, water used during the rejection is also a loss.

In order to reduce specific energy consumption, it is very important that percentage of rejection is kept minimum so that specific energy consumption is low. However, there are cases when due to some reason there is breakdown in the plant, which causes line to stop. Paper manufacturing being a continous process, problem in one section can stop production for the entire line.

As paper industry uses lot of AC and DC drives, maintain voltage quality is critical so that there is no tripping in the system due to poor voltage quality. Apart from this, AC and DC drives generates current harmonics and these current harmonics can cause energy loss, reduced life of equipment and impact power factor thus maximum demand on distribution grid.

This case study depicts how a paper plant addressed power quality issues in the system, reduced breakdowns, and improved power factor.



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