Seminar on PQ: Introduction, Issues and Mitigation

A half-day interactive technical awareness session on power quality for the major consumers of Reliance Energy on 3rd March 2017 at REMI on “Power Quality – Introduction, issues and mitigation” was organized by APQI.

During the seminar, key note address was delivered by Mr. Mondal- Sr Executive VP who stressed upon the need of good power quality for digital economy. He drew an analogy of waves at sea shore with power systems and how the slope of the shore can affect PQ in spite of best efforts at various levels. Among the speakers who delivered during the technical seminar were Mr. Manas Kundu – National Coordinator- APQI,

Dr. K Rajamani, Chief Consultant – Reliance Infrastructure Limited stressed upon utility point of view and emphasized on voltage excursion problems. He underscored the importance of understanding harmonics and its impact on electrical system. It can cause both energy loss and result in underutilization of equipment capacity while exposing to safety challenges and premature failure problems. He exhorted industry to understand and solve the issues locally that is beneficial on long term effect.

Mr. N. K. Jain, a renowned design consultant in the field of IT and data center buildings, gave a presentation on design aspects related to IT industries and how power quality problems can be addressed during the design stage of a facility.

Mr. Rajen Mehta – MD of Efficienergi Consulting Pvt. Ltd gave an insight about power quality audit, methodology and importance of step by step PQ audit for holistic address of any challenge, causing huge financial loss, that data centers may face. He urged industry to refrain from undertaking such audits with sole objective of fixing the blame. He also addressed through various case studies how a good power quality audit can help in identification of root cause of a problem and lead to effective solution.


Event Photos -
Part 1: PQ Overview
Part 2: Conceptual Clarification in Electrical Power Engineering

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