Interactive Workshop on “Power Quality and Harmonics"

APQI and MSEDCL jointly hosted a full day interactive workshop on Harmonics and Power Quality at Aurangabad during 28th November for MSEDCL engineers. The objective of the workshop was to demystify issues surrounding measurement and verification of harmonics, challenges of utilities to meet ‘ Supply Code or Standard of Performance’ regulations and how to create a win-win situation for MSECL customers in addressing PQ issues within their own premises.

Objective and outcome of workshop on “Power Quality and Harmonics”:

Asia Power Quality Initiative (APQI) and Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd (MSEDCL) organized one day workshop on “Power Quality and Harmonics” for the MSEDCL technical team. The objective of workshop was to educate MSEDCL team regarding power quality and harmonics. On behalf of APQI, presentations were made by Mr.Manas Kundu – National Coordinator APQI, Dr. A. K. Tripathy (Ex-DG, CPRI), Mr. Kanai Banerjee (Encon Engineers), Mr. AbhijeetRedkar (Fluke), Mr. Kapil Sharma (Secure Meters) and Mr. Mohammed Mohtasib (APQI).

On behalf of MSEDCL, Mr. Satish Chavan – Chief Engineer, Aurangabad gave brief about power quality and understanding by MSEDCL. Mr. Anil B. Pise – Executive Engineer gave a presentation about various issues faced by MSEDCL due to harmonics and their understanding regarding power quality.

APQI experts educated MSEDCL team regarding various topics like issues related to measurement, irrelevance of current harmonics measured during no load condition, IEEE 519-1992, IEEE 519-2004 and why MSEDCL should go with IEEE 519-1992. The workshop also highlighted economic means of dealing with harmonics through tuned passive harmonic filters. The speakers also highlighted the need for modernization and competitiveness in DISCOM due to privatization and business case in future.

APQI also presented case studies that highlighted financial aspect and monetary loss faced by industries due to poor power quality.

At the end of the workshop, Mr. Satish Chavan Chief Engineer Aurangabad commented that to regulate power quality, financial implications are required through regulators (incentive/penalty) in tariff for harmonics. He also commented that “it is very much essential in future complex networks”.

MSEDCL also decided that they will do the measurements and analysis as defined by IEEE – 519 1992


Workshop Introduction
Dr. AK Tripathi (Presentation)
Fluke (Presentation)
Secure (Presentation)
Mohammed Mohtasib (Presentation)
Encon Engineers
Manas Kundu (PQ – Standards & Regulations in de-regulated environment)
Event Pictures

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