Interactive workshop on PQ in IT/ITeS/Data Centre and Steel Industries

Two half-day workshops on “Power Quality in IT/ITeS/Data Centers” and “Power Quality in Secondary Steel Industries” were organized by APQI and Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd (MSEDCL) on 23rd March 2017 at Pride Hotel, Pune.

The Steel related workshop was supported by Association of Indian Forging Industry (AIFI) and IT workshop by Vertiv (earlier Emerson Network Power )

Experts from respective domains were also be present during the seminar and discussed on power quality issues related to IT/ITeS/Data centers. The ‘Steel Industries’ workshop was attended by various Steel and Forge related industries from Pune. The speakers were Mr. Manas Kundu – National Coordinator of APQI, Mr. Ramesh Malame – Superintending Engineer (Testing Div – Pune), Mr. Mohammed Mohtasib – Technical Consultant APQI, Mr. Rajen Mehta, MD- Efficienergi Consulting Pvt. Ltd and Dr. V. R Kanetkar – Consultant Vertiv.


AR-01 – Earthing and grounding of DCS and PE systems
AR-02 – Simple solutions for improving life of breakers used in transmission and distribution systems
AR-03 – Importance of supply short circuit capacity and IEEE 519 standard for utilities and power consumers
By Rajen Mehta – PQ Issues Identified in IT/Commercial Buildings and Mitigation

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