National Level Technical Seminar on Electrical Power Utility Management - 2020, 15th - 16th May


Dear APQI Community

Please accept our sincere gratitude for registering / attending the Online Technical Seminar: Electrical Power Utility Management , held in co-operation with KLN College of Engineering last week.

In this unique Online Two Day Seminar, we experienced the participation and thought leadership from the national and global leaders, policy makers, industry and academic champions. We are sure you found the discussions held during the event, helpful to yours and your peers for organizational objective. We will continue to create and support such important platforms.

Your active participation and continued engagement will make us even stronger. Hence, I would urge you to come forward to strengthen us by becoming our equal opportunity stakeholder and join the team to ‘Save the Sine Wave’ . Together we can do it.

Furthermore, I am glad to share the recorded file of the event for your reference.

We look forward to have you as the member of APQI Family spreading the word for good power quality. Please contact us for your suggestions and your knowledge sharing interests.


Using electrical energy optimally without impact on productivity is the essential need of all industrial users and also utility, therefore the use of energy efficient equipment are increased in a rapid manner in all part of industries. Most of the modern industrial process makes use of variable speed drives through thyristor converters and other electronic devices to control the process in a simple, more efficient and accurate manner. On the other hand, the use of such equipment gives non-linear load effect.

This sensitive electronic device not only are sensitive to poor power quality but also themselves are sources creating harmonic distortion in the power systems, causing different issues like tripping, overheating, failure, fire and also pollutes the system at large.

Recently the industry also is going through a turbulent low production era due to Covid19 but preparing to be meeting it’s full stream on demand. This has imposed strict norms to maintain the system ready to go while remaining within the specified limits. The other aspect of the industries need is to reduce losses, improve the efficiency of the equipment and increases the life of the equipment. Beside avoiding an impact on the production and failure of equipment the industry has to remain alert about safety the prime need of the hour.

So, the main objective of this seminar cum workshop is addressing energy management , energy efficiency in electrical system, power quality issues particularly harmonics, its sources, how to meet regulations and limits set by utility, effects with industrial case studies, measuring to manage and also methods to mitigate earthing related power quality issues.

This two-day workshop is jointly organized by KLN College of Engineering ( Madurai, Asia Power Quality Initiative (APQI) (, IE(India), Fluke and the NIRT.

Asia Power Quality Initiative (APQI) alongwith its NSN Partner, KLN College of Engineering jointly invite you all to participate and interact with experts to know managing electrical utility at your shop, step by step and save money on energy.

  • DATE: 15th and 16th May 2020
  • TIME: 10:00 AM to 01:30 PM
  • LOCATION: Internet based at your home or desk

Contact Person

Dr.S.Parthasarathy, Professor/EEE

Phone: 9443402901 / 8300431280



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