Reduction in Break Down and Specific Energy Consumption by Reducing Harmonics at a Steel Wire Rope Plant


Energy Conservation Act 2001 provides a legal framework to embarking on energy conservation in India. Under the act government classified industries based on energy consumption and these industries are known as Designated Consumer (DC). These DC’s are covered under Perform Achieve and Trade (PAT) mechanism with total energy saving target of 6.6 Million Tonnes of Oil Equivalent by 2015. All designated consumers are provided with target of reducing energy consumption that they have to meet by 2015. Reduction in energy consumption is one of the priorities of these DC’s.

Operating the plant without many breakdowns is one of the top priorities for any manufacturing facility. Increased breakdown causes production loss, higher specific energy consumption and reduced profit margins. With use of drives, AC to DC convertors and SMPS loads, generation of harmonics is inevitable. These harmonic current can cause unexpected break downs and loss of energy due to additional heat generation in cables, motors and transformers. The Case study below presents how a steel wire rope mill reduced specific energy consumption and breakdowns by filtering out harmonics.



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