Why we do it

Power Quality as an idea is less understood in several countries. Yet, it robs the economy of billions in terms of lost production, burned out equipment and poor reliability. A European survey has noted that poor power quality costs European businesses more than 150 billion Euros a year. In India, where power shortage is endemic, Power Quality takes a backseat over mere power availability, leading to huge losses that are not even computed. In general, as the Asian economies prepare to increase generation and switch to “smart grids” for intelligent resource management, a focus on power quality will help build a robust and efficient system for the long haul.

Our programmes and interventions seek to benefit the following audience groups, among others:
  • Managers and Decision-makers
  • Electrical engineers and designers
  • Suppliers of power quality equipment and services
  • Academics and Research institutions
  • Policy makers and Regulators
  • Industrial and professional associations