How we do it

We provide a neutral platform for exchange of knowledge and best practices concerning power quality. Our website is the single largest resource for discussion papers, research and data on Power Quality in all the countries we work. We work with a focus on shared learning, transparent exchange of information and active engagement in the field. Our growing knowledge base on PQ offers description, diagnosis and recommendations that can help better apply and understand issues concerning Power Quality. Our activities bring together international organisations, governments, industry, non-governmental organisations and academics.

The table below summarises the approach taken by APQI to achieve its specific objective of raising awareness of managers and decision-makers in Asia and to build the capacity of electrical engineers and electrical system designers on power quality.

Specific target groups Approach
1 Electric power distribution utilities Involve them as core partner in APQI. APQI will therefore build on their strength and resources, and provide them with a means to multiply the impact of awareness creation and capacity building activities towards end-users
2 Manufacturing industries;
Data processing centres;
Stadiums and gymnasiums;
Broadcast and television stations;
The telecommunications sector;
Financial enterprises;
Transportation industries;
and Intelligent buildings.
Build capacity and create awareness through:
– Web-based PQ knowledge centre
– Compilation and dissemination of case studies
– Dissemination of information through the media
– Conferences and seminars
– Exhibitions
– Training workshops
– Training curriculum and certification
– Capacity building tools
3 Policy and standard making bodies – Conduct national PQ survey
– Provide experts’ technical assistance to develop standards and policies
– Enhance exposure to the European experience
4 PQ equipment and solution providers Involve them as APQI partners to build on their resources (technical and financial)
5 Industry federations, professional associations, institutes of engineers, universities, research institutes, laboratories Involve them as AQI partners to build on their resources, networks and outreach capacity to the target groups