8th IEEE GCC Conference & Exhibition at Muscat, Oman

The 8th IEEE GCC conference and exhibition will be held from the 1st to 4th of February in Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.  

Energy Efficiency is keyword for sustainability today. Power Quality and Reliability is the key to successful delivery of quality product, services and operation of an industry. It is now even more critical to the industry because of the increasing application of electronic loads and controllers, which are sensitive to the quality of power supplied.

Technologies for energy efficiency, result of energy utilisation, can impact PQ either in positive or negative manner. On the one hand, if consumption is reduced by means of a more efficient use of electrical loads and by means of improved classic technology, PQ is improved. While on the other hand, if efficient loads are connected to the grid by means of a power electronic interface, PQ may deteriorate. Increased number of power electronic devices in the distribution grid, to achieve higher energy efficiency, often leads to an increased level of electromagnetic disturbances that can affect the power electronic devices themselves as well as traditional devices, causing additional energy losses.

Energy efficiency is the concept of reducing energy consumption without the sacrifice of comfort or delivered services. The use of power electronics within the scope of energy efficiency can be problematic from two points of view:

  • Effects on power quality (PQ) due to the more efficient technologies based on power electronics
  • Effects on losses in loads and components due to poor PQ caused by the more efficient technologies based on power electronics

Losses related to product wastage in industrial processes caused by malfunctions due to poor PQ can also be very important from the energy efficiency (EE) perspective.

Operating the plant without many breakdowns is one of the top priorities for any manufacturing facility. Increased breakdown causes production loss, higher specific energy consumption and reduced profit margins. With use of drives, AC to DC convertors and SMPS loads, generation of harmonics is inevitable. These harmonic current can cause unexpected break downs and   loss of energy due to additional heat generation in cables, motors and transformers. A field based Case study shall present how a steel wire rope mill reduced specific energy consumption and breakdowns by filtering out harmonics (PQ component emerging out of energy utilisation).

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