2nd International Conference & Exhibition on Energy Storage & Microgrids in India

Dates: 3rd to 5th December 2014

The structural realignment of the energy infrastructure in India is the focus of the 2nd ENERGY STORAGE INDIA Conference & Expo, 4th December through 5th December, 2014 hosted at the Kempinski Ambience Hotel, New Delhi. The main interest will be on the establishment of technologically and economically viable energy storage and microgrid technologies, the Conference & Expo will systematically present a selection of practical applications and pioneering solutions while illustrating the necessary political conditions.

APQI joined hands as ‘Key Partner’ with IESA on this occasion and organised a pre-conference workshop on Power Quality since PQ is an important element for any successful grid operation, decentralised generation integration with grid or effective power utilisation by end customers. The workshop shall address the importance of PQ, relevant regulation and discuss some case studies with technology solutions available in market.

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