Solving the Problem of Frequent Nuisance Trips & Failures in Power-Electronics, PLC & ACDC Motors in a Metal Industry


In this case study a world leader in a non-ferrous metal industry engaged in manufacturing of ACSR conductors for HT & EHV electrical power transmission & distributions had been facing high incidence of operational problems across its plants A & B, due to Power Quality (PQ) issues arising out of Harmonic Distortions. Problem arose not solely due to its usage of over 60% Non-Linear-Loads (NLL) like DC-drives in rolling mill, Variable-Frequency-Drives (VFD) in process, PLC in control; but primarily due to its operating near 80 to 100% Load-Factor (LF). That helped establishing factory with least project cost, operating them with least running cost that catapulted the company at top of the competitive chain amongst its peers.

Additional Info

  • Author: Mr.Kanai Banerjee, Chief Executive
  • Country: Encon Engineers, Bangalore, India